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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation - Risks

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Fat necrosis symptoms

A lump or an oil cyst can be caused by fat necrosis of the breasts. Although the lump itself will not cause pain, the skin surrounding it will feel thickened and bruised. The condition usually goes away without treatment. Doctors might recommend surgery to remove large oil cysts. However, breast necrosis is a common side effect of breast augmentation, so it is not a cause for alarm.


A relatively safe operation, fat transfer breast augmentation involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the other. While there is little risk of infection, you can experience side effects like abscessing and necrosis. Although these complications aren't life-threatening, they can be very painful. If they are not treated, they can cause scarring and microcalcifications (small calcium deposits)

Changes in breast sizes

A fat transfer breast lift can cause a slight increase in breast size. The amount and extent of the fat injected to your breasts will dictate how much you notice. Most fat cells will disappear into your body, making the breast smaller. If you're worried about the changes, ask your surgeon if there have been any. The changes will vary from one patient to the next, so it's important to discuss any concerns you may have with your surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Changes in cleavage

While there are no visible changes to the cleavage following fat transfer breast surgery, they can be very satisfying. Patients may notice a softer, younger chest after fat transfer. Patients may notice a more defined cleavage. Fat transfer can have a number of factors that influence the appearance of your cleavage. Consider these factors before undergoing fat-transfer surgery.

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Natural breast augmentation is better than traditional breast augmentation

The natural breast enhancement procedure utilizes your own fat, which is a very safe and effective way to increase the size of your bust without having to resort to invasive procedures. It is the ideal option for women who want a small, natural boost in breast size, or for those who are seeking a more noticeable improvement. Natural breast augmentation has many advantages and is risk-free, unlike traditional breast augmentation.


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation - Risks