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Cosmetic Surgery Risks

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Cosmetic surgery is a popular procedure that can bring many significant benefits to patients. But it also comes with a high risk for serious complications. Often, the risks are not fully disclosed to patients, which can put a great deal of stress on their minds. There are inherent risks to surgery as it is an invasive procedure. However, some of these risks are more severe than others.

Vicarious experience

Vicarious trauma can occur when a person experiences traumatic events through the experiences of a loved one. This can lead to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and can be treated by professionals. You can talk to your family and friends about your concerns. Even though it is difficult to talk about, loved ones should not be taken personally by the reactions. They should carry on with their day and be in touch with their family and friends.

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Self-rated attractiveness

A study was done to determine if adolescents' self-rated physical attractiveness correlates with their psychological well-being. Participants were asked to rate themselves on their physical attractiveness, self-reported self-harm and suicidal thoughts. The results found that male adolescents rated themselves as more attractive than their female counterparts. However, in girls, self-rated beauty was negatively associated to internalized distress. These associations only reached statistical significance in girls, and occurred only in relation to suicidal ideation and self-harmed behavior.


New research has shown that religion can have an impact on people's decision whether or not they want to consider cosmetic surgery. Research has shown that individuals who are more religious are less likely than those who are not to have cosmetic surgery. However, more research is needed to determine the relationship between religiousness and the risk of cosmetic surgery.

Household income

A study revealed a link between household income and the likelihood of undergoing cosmetic surgery. The study found that people with higher incomes were more likely to have the procedure than those who had lower incomes. The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics was used to measure gross household income by the researchers. It is an accepted method for assessing SES. It has been proven that it can reflect health disparities across socioeconomic groups.

Liquid silicone facial injections

The popular cosmetic procedure of liquid silicone injections is a popular one, but there are potential risks. Some patients might experience temporary swelling or bruising. Others might experience severe complications like inflammatory reactions. Also, liquid silicone injectables may move into other parts, causing irreparable damage. Extreme cases of treatment can lead to heart attacks.

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Infections after cosmetic surgery are a serious risk for patients. Although they are uncommon, infections can still occur even if antibacterial agents have been used. Different microorganisms could cause these infections. Most often, they are caused mostly by Staphylococci/Streptococci. There have been cases of infections caused by non-tuberculous microbacteria (NTMs). These infections are difficult to detect using standard gram staining, and may be resistant to most antibacterial drugs.

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Cosmetic Surgery Risks