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Implants For Asian Noses

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One of the most effective techniques for correcting an Asian nose is the use of composite implants. An excellent option for augmentation can be the use of cartilage from the nose, ribs, or both. Dr. Chow is most likely to use cartilage to modify the tip of the nose. Dr. Chow has the rare ability to use cartilage from many sources in order to reshape and augment the nose.

Autologous rib cartilage

Asian rhinoplasty, one of most complex procedures in facial surgery, is a challenging procedure. Many Asian patients desire a higher and more refined nasal bridge. Many augmentation techniques are available to achieve the desired results. Autologous rib cartilage is one of the most versatile graft material. This tissue can be used in multiple ways, including for augmentation or the formation of new dorsal elevation.

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Sliced cartilage fascia

The dorsum, or bony part of the nose, runs between the eyes and the tip. A surgeon can improve the dorsum either by placing a synthetic implants or adding diced cartilage facia grafts. This is the natural-looking option, as the surgeon can shape the cartilage to suit the patient's needs.

Shield Grafts

Shield grafts can be a popular option in Asian nose surgery. They can be used to restore the tip of the nose to its normal shape and height. The procedure involves using a cartilaginous shield to create a new dome. The graft may be smooth or curved, or it could be flat and ridged. You can have one layer or multiple layers. Based on how much projection is required, the surgeon will decide how many layers are needed.

Skin grafts

The success rate of Asian nose skin-grafts is not always good. The Asian nose envelope is extremely thick and can prove difficult to narrow using traditional methods. To reduce the size of the tip, but preserve the thickness and soft tissue, the doctor may use structural cartilage grafts. Alternately, he may combine both techniques to improve the appearance.

Silicone nasopharynx

An Asian patient had complained after undergoing rhinoplasty that a silicone implant in the nasopharynx had moved. This was due to an error by another surgeon. This area's contour was initially good after surgery. However, after a year, it wasn't perfect.

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Alar base modification

Although there are many techniques that can be used to narrow and modify the nostrils and alar base, very few studies have been done on Asian patients. Combinated sill and Alar Excision may prove to be beneficial for Asian patients. It addresses wide nostrils while also reducing alar flare. This technique was evaluated in a retrospective cohort study.


Implants For Asian Noses