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Scottsdale Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat around the eyes. Excessive skin can cause unsightly changes in the patient's appearance. It can also affect the patient's vision. The surgery involves making a small incision along an eyelid's natural crease, and then removing any excess fat or bulges. The surgeon may also have to reposition the fat tissue. The surgeon will close the surgical site with fine sutures.

Lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery is an option for people who are unhappy with the way their eyes look. The surgeon makes an opening in the lower eyelid to remove excess tissue. He then removes any excess tissue, closes the incision and closes the eyelid. The patient will feel mild discomfort for seven to ten days after the procedure. To ease any discomfort, he might need to apply a lubricating ointment and a cold compress. He can resume his normal activities after this time, although he should not be doing strenuous activities.

Local anesthesia is used to perform the procedure. It does not leave visible scarring. The surgeon ensures that the incisions are made within the natural fold of your eyelid. The incisions are placed in such a way as to prevent any damage to the eye.

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Recovery from Blepharoplasty

Recovery from blepharoplasty is generally quick and painless, but there are some limitations and precautions you should take before you return to work or play. You should refrain from wearing eye makeup for at least two weeks after surgery, and avoid strenuous activities for at least 14 days. You can shower the day after surgery, but you should avoid using foundation or shampoo on the area. In addition, you should avoid swimming or hot tubs for two weeks. Contact lenses should be avoided for at least two weeks.

Blurred vision and numbness will be common after surgery. You might also notice a puffy appearance to your eyelids. Additionally, you might experience blurred vision or slight pain. Also, nausea is possible. These side effects can also be caused by nausea. It's important that you inform your surgeon as soon as possible.


Cosmetic surgery is an option to reduce the appearance of droopy, sagging eyes. This condition can have a negative impact on vision. This problem can be solved by eyelid surgery. It will make you feel more confident. Insurance can pay for eyelid surgery, although it can be quite expensive. This procedure will cost most patients between $3,500 to $9,000

Depending on how much work is involved, the procedure can take between 30 and two hours. After the surgery, patients are often given medication to help them feel comfortable and relax. In certain cases, general anesthesia may also be used to put the patient asleep. After the procedure, patients can return home, though they should not engage in strenuous physical activities for three to four weeks.

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s approach to Blepharoplasty

Dr. Jude LaBarbera is a specialist in blepharoplasty. This cosmetic surgery restores the youthful appearance and shape of the eyelids. He has successfully treated hundreds of patients, ranging from those in their late twenties to those in their fifties. He is a person-centered practitioner who will work with each patient to achieve the best results.

Blepharoplasty is a procedure that restores the shape of the eyelids and increases confidence. Excessive skin or fat around the eyes can affect vision and alter the appearance of the patient's face. Dr. LaBarbera performs the procedure by making an incision along the natural line of the eyelid. He also removes excess fat. He may have to reposition fat tissues. Fine sutures are then used to close the eyelid.


Scottsdale Eyelid Surgery