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Vegina Tightening Process - Which One is Right For You?

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There are several different procedures and products available to help with veginal laxity. There are several options available to treat veginal laxity, including VaJaser and CO2RE Intima Laser, as well as FemiLift. It is crucial to find the best one for you. Read on to learn about the different options available.


You can tighten the vagina by doing Kegel exercises. They concentrate on the muscles which prevent urine from passing through your vagina. You can also use Kegel exercises to decrease the amount of urine coming out of your vagina. These exercises are effective for people with both mild and moderate urinary incontinence. When doing the exercise, you should lie on your back and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. Keep the contraction for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise five times.

Kegel exercises can be done by anyone. You should do them at least two times per day. You can start by visualizing yourself clenching the vagina in midstream and then releasing it. You can increase resistance to your exercises if the muscles are tight. You can make Kegel exercises more challenging by doing them regularly.


The VaJaser vegina tight-ning procedure is an FDA-approved procedure that uses a laser to tighten the vagina and urethra. The laser energy used by the device targets water cells in the vaginal tissues, creating micro-injury, and stimulating the body's production of collagen. This results in a tightened vagina. It also stimulates mucosal cells to produce more mucus, which increases the vagina's ability to lubricate itself during sex.

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VaJaser procedures are safe for women. The procedure is painless and recovery is quick and simple. The procedure is not recommended for women who are planning to have sex after it has been completed. However, there is no danger of infection or bleeding.

CO2RE Intima laser

The average time for CO2RE Intima treatment is approximately 15 minutes. They are performed in a physician’s office and don’t require anesthesia. The procedure is painless, quick and most patients can see results within one week. After the procedure, however, it is imperative that women refrain from any sexual activity for one week.

The CO2RE Laser Intima uses a fractionated CO2 to remodel tissue within the genital area. This laser stimulates new collagen and improves moisture levels in the vaginal canal. After the procedure, patients may experience minor redness, swelling, or cramping. There is minimal downtime. The procedure is completely elective and financing for CO2REIntima can be arranged.


FemiLift vegina tightening is a noninvasive, three-session procedure which rejuvenates and helps to restore lubrication. It stimulates the growth and development of new healthy tissue in your vagina. The procedure is non-invasive and there are minimal side effects. It is important to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant before you undergo the procedure.

FemiLift is a laser procedure that targets the vaginal tissues using a CO2 beam. Laser treatment causes tissues contraction, which promotes more collagen production. This causes a tighter and healthier vagina, as well as reducing urinary leakage. This is a great procedure for women who are unhappy about their vaginal lubrication, or concerned about dry intercourse.

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Vaginal rejuvenation surgery

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure for tighter vaginas can help improve its shape and contour. Patients should notice an improvement within two to three week. After this surgery, a woman should expect to experience swelling, redness, and bruising. During recovery, she should avoid strenuous activity and wear loose cotton underwear. The patient should avoid the use of a tampon, and not have any intercourse during this time. Patients may also require pain medication during this period.

Many women choose to have vaginal reshaping surgery done for their self-confidence and for various reasons. Women may feel their vagina is too loose or lacking sexual pleasure after having children. The vaginal muscles can be tightened to increase sexual pleasure and orgasms. It also offers cosmetic benefits.

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Vegina Tightening Process - Which One is Right For You?