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Recovery by CO2 Laser Treatment

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CO2 laser resurfacing is an option for people who want a more youthful skin and who want a natural result without a downtime or recovery period. The CO2 laser treatment isn't as painful as more powerful lasers. However, there will be some reddening. It may get worse, but it will eventually fade. Patients should also avoid excessive exposure to the sun and tanning for at least four weeks before the procedure. They should avoid all medications that could make them more sensitive to sunlight.

Fractional laser resurfacing

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing uses a laser to target specific areas of the skin. The technique is particularly useful for minimizing scars, fine lines, and pigmentation. It can also be used for treating precancerous lesions or sun spots. Before undergoing this procedure, patients are advised to consult a dermatologist.

Fractional laser resurfacing requires just one to two treatments. The recovery period for fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is longer than traditional CO2 laser treatments. The procedure generally requires around a week of recovery. Patients are advised to avoid tanning during the healing period.

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Depending on the treatment area, recovery from a CO2 Laser procedure can take weeks to complete. Redness can occur for up to four months and may be experienced by some patients. Redness may be caused either by an underlying health condition or the laser technique used. Patients can minimize redness after treatment by applying topical ascorbic acid or wearing makeup that's hypoallergenic.

A fractional CO2 laser treatment takes only a few days to heal, while a more intensive treatment can take up to seven days. The number and duration of treatment required will determine the time it takes to recover. It also depends on the patient's ability or inability to take downtime. If a patient can handle the downtime, he or she may only need one or two treatments.

Side effects

Side effects associated with CO2 laser therapy can be mild or temporary. Redness can occur in the treated area for up to four weeks. This could be due to an underlying condition, or the laser provider's technique. You should use antihistamines and steroids in such instances. Also, avoid using harsh treatments to your skin. Hypoallergenic makeup can also be used to hide the redness. However, recovery from CO2 laser treatment can take longer than recovery from other laser procedures.

The extent and severity of CO2 laser surgery will determine the level and type of pain. Your doctor may recommend a combination of local and sedative anesthesia if the procedure is very extensive. General anesthesia can be used in some cases for the whole procedure. You will still be able to sleep through it. To protect your eyes from laser damage, you will need to wear special glasses.

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CO2 laser is a procedure that uses a high-intensity laser beam to remove the top layer of the skin and heat the dermal layer. The procedure may leave patients with red, swollen, sore skin. Patients should expect to take at least two weeks off work after the procedure. They should avoid using makeup or harsh cosmetics on the area. Proper sunscreen application is also necessary.

After the procedure, patients will need to take several days off from work. This will allow for the skin to heal. To ease pain, the physician will apply a local anesthetic to the affected area. A doctor may also inject an anesthetic to help reduce pain. Patients will also need to take prescribed medications as directed. Patients should also expect some downtime from social settings for between five and ten days. Patients should not be exposed to the sun for too long as this can lead to skin tissue damage.

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Recovery by CO2 Laser Treatment