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Eye Bag Removal Before and after

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To reduce the appearance under-eye bag, it is important that you understand the side effects of cosmetic surgery and the procedure time. You have two options: Transcutaneous eyebag surgery and dermal fillers. The side effects of these procedures are listed below. You can read on to learn more about this procedure and any side effects. You'll notice less visible marks and smoother skin after the surgery. You'll feel more youthful, refreshed and vibrant after the surgery.

Transcutaneous eye bag surgery

It is important to understand the process before you undergo transcutaneous eyebag surgery. Most patients will experience a rapid recovery, but some individuals may require a longer time. The procedure itself can be done in a few hours. To access the muscles and excess skin, your surgeon will make an incision under the lash line. In addition to the incisions, a small amount of fat may also be elevated. The surgery is safe in general, but there are risks. These risks are not significant and should not be a deterrent to you seeking this procedure.

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Dermal fillers

Injectable fillers are often used to treat under-eye bags. Although they can increase volume and reduce puffiness but can also exaggerate puffiness or accent the under-eye region. Injectable fillers work well for mild to moderate bags. However, some doctors may recommend them for serious under-eye bags. But, filler treatment should be limited to the right type of patient, since excessive or extreme bags will require a different approach.

There are also non-surgical options

If you're looking for permanent ways to get rid of your eyebags, then you might consider surgical eyelid surgeries. This procedure removes excess fat and skin under the eyelids. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and usually in an outpatient setting. There are possible side effects like dry eyes and swelling. A few people experience blurred vision following surgery. Seltened complications include bleeding, injury of the eye muscles, and corneal abrasion.

Side effects

You should expect side effects after your procedure. You may experience some swelling and bruising around the eyes. If you have lower blepharoplasty surgery, you may experience some swelling and bruising. Cold compresses can help reduce this swelling. Medications can be taken for minor aches and pains. It is important to inform your surgeon if you have any allergies or take other medications prior to surgery.

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Before you decide to have blepharoplasty surgery, you should first know the costs involved. This procedure is generally an outpatient procedure. This procedure reduces the appearance and thickness of the under-eye bags. This procedure is quick and can be completed in under an hour. You can also have it done on the same day. This procedure takes approximately two to four week for recovery. Insurance does not cover blepharoplasty. The average cost is between $75 and $9200.


Eye Bag Removal Before and after